Annual Activities

APEC Energy Overview

This annual publication has a chapter discussing the current energy situation in each APEC economy, including energy supply and demand, key energy policies, notable energy developments, useful links, and further references. See Energy Overview Publications

Compendium of Energy Efficiency Policies of APEC Economies

The Compendium of Energy Efficiency Policies of APEC Economies is an annual publication intended to promote information sharing in the field of energy efficiency and energy conservation across the APEC economies. It includes chapters discussing the current energy efficiency policy situation in each APEC economy. Chapters are contributed by each economy following a common format under a process coordinated by APERC.
See Compendium Publications

APERC Annual Conference

Each year APERC hosts a two-day Annual Conference attended by delegates from participating APEC economies, as well as distinguished expert speakers. Delegates are generally influential policy analysts or managers in an energy-related government ministry. The Annual Conference provides an opportunity for participants to exchange views and share research findings on the energy policy challenges facing the APEC region. The Conference also provides an opportunity for APERC to obtain feedback on its proposed programmes for the coming year.
See Annual Conference Agendas