APERC Annual Conference

APERC Annual Conference 2003 26 and 27 February 2003, Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Wednesday, 26 February 2003

Opening Session

Welcoming Remarks Mr. Masaharu Fujitomi, President, APERC

Session1: Energy Security in the APEC Region

S1-1 Energy Security Mr. Gary Eng, APERC
S1-2 The APEC Energy Security Initiative: Implementation Issues Ms Vicki Brown, Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, Australia
S1-3 Energy Security Strategies Mr. Robert Manning, State Department, U.S.A.
S1-4 Energy Security: Northeast Asia and Russia Dr. Vladimir I. Ivanov, Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA), Japan
S1-5 East Asia Premium and International Cooperation Dr. Joonbeom Lee, Korea National Oil Corp., Korea
S1-6 Asian Premium of Crude Oil and Importance on Development of Oil Market Dr. Yoshiki Ogawa, General Manager, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), Japan

Session 2: Investment Issues in the Energy Sector

S2-1 Investment Outlook: Challenges for APEC Region's Development Ms Naoko Doi and Mr. Juan Ramon Mota, APERC
S2-2 Power Sector in Asia and Related Financing Issues Ms Aya Yamazaki, International Finance Department I, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Japan
S2-3 World Energy Outlook 2003 Insights: Global Energy Investment Challenges Dr. Fatih Birol, Chief Economist, Economic Analysis Division, International Energy Agency (IEA)
S2-4 Global Energy Finance: The Emerging Landscape Mr. Reinhold Heus, FairCourt Capital, U.K.
S2-5 Implementing Gas Projects in Greater China Mr. Michael Williams, MFW Consultants, Australia

Thursday, 27 February 2003

Session 3: Gas Market Reform

S3-1 APEC Natural Gas Market Reform Mr. Jeff Skeer, APERC
S3-2 Impacts of Gas Market Reform in Australia Mr. Joe Dimasi, Executive General Manager, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australia
S3-3 Gas Market Reform in Korea and its Implications to Asia-Pacific LNG Trade Dr. Dongin Lee, Head, Center for Gas Economics and Managment, Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS), Korea
S3-4 The Reform of Gas Market in China Dr. Wei Lu, Development Research Center, State Council of China, China
S3-5 Natural Gas Market Reform: The Canadian Experience Mr. Glenn Booth, Chief Economist, National Energy Board, Canada

Session 4: Energy Efficiency Policy Evaluation

S4-1 Energy Efficiency Policy Evaluation Dr. Oleg Sinyugin, APERC
S4-2 Evaluating Energy-Efficiency Policy: Lessons Learned Dr. Ernst Worrell, Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S.A.
S4-3 Experience in Energy Efficiency Programs in Thailand Mr. Samerjai Suksumek, Policy and Plan Analyst, Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO), Ministry of Energy, Thailand
S4-4 Energy Efficiency in China Mr. Li Tienan, Director, China Certification Center for Energy Conservation Product (CECP), China

Closing Session

Round table discussion on policy issues in the APEC region
Wrap-Up Dr. Yongun Jung, Vice President, APERC
Chairman's Concluding Remarks Dr. Hassan Ibrahim