APERC Annual Conference

APERC Annual Conference 2004 25 and 26 February 2004, Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Wednesday, 25 February 2004

Opening Session

OS-1 Welcoming Remarks Mr. Masaharu Fujitomi, President, APERC
OS-2 Introduction of APERC's studies for 2004 and onwards Dr. Yonghun Jung, Vice President, APERC

Session1: Implications of Energy Trends in China

S1-1 Implications of Energy Trends in China Prof. Yanjia Wang, APERC
S1-2 2020 Economic Outlook for China Mr. Youcai Liang, State Information Center, China
S1-3 China's 'Three Shortages' Mr. Scott Roberts, Director, Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA)
S1-4 Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Project and its Role in Oil Security in China Dr. Yuzhuo Zhang, Shenhua Group Corp., China

Session2: New and Renewable Energy in the APEC Region

S2-1 NRE for Power Generation in the APEC Region - Preliminary Findings Mr. Jaya Singam Rajoo and Mr. Martin Bonou, APERC
S2-2 Policy Options to Accelerate New and Renewable Energy Utilisation in the APEC Region Dr. Cary Bloyd, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.A.
S2-3 Renewable and Distributed Energy: Progress and Remaining Challenges Dr. Marilyn Brown, Director, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.A.
S2-4 Renewable Energy in China: Status and Prospects Ms Jean Ku, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S.A.

Thursday, 26 February 2004

Session3: Market for Power Interconnections in the APEC Region

S3-1 Power Grids in APEC Mr. Jeffrey Skeer, APERC
S3-2 "Russia-Northeast Asia Countries" Power System Interconnection: Studies, Organizational Issues and Potential Electricity Links Dr. Sergey Podkovalnikov, Energy Systems Institute, Russia
S3-3 Expanding China's Power Grid to Reduce Costs and Improve Reliability Mr. Qinyong Zhou, State Grid Corporation of China, China
S3-4 Findings of the ASEAN Interconnection Master Plan Study (AIMS) Mr. Prutichai Chonglertvanichkul, Director, System Planning Division, Electricity Generating Authority, Thailand
S3-5 Environmental Implications of Electricity Transmission Dr. Cary Bloyd, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.A.

Session 4: Nuclear Power Generation in the APEC Region

S4-1 Nuclear Policy and Futures in APEC Mr. Juan Ramon Mota, APERC
S4-2 Overview of Global Development of Advanced Nuclear Power Plants Mr. John Cleveland, Head, Water-Cooled Reactors Unit, Department of Nuclear Energy, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
S4-3 The Role of Nuclear Power in Stabilising Co2 Concentrations Ms Annelene Decaux, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), U.S.A.

Closing Session

Recent EWG activities and the key Issues Mr. Michael Whitfield, APEC EWG
Round table discussion on policy issues in the APEC region
Wrap-Up Dr. Yonghun Jung, Vice President, APERC
Chair's Concluding Remark Mr. Masaharu Fujitomi, President, APERC