APERC Annual Conference

APERC Annual Conference 2009 18 and 19 February 2009, Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Opening Session

OS-1 Welcoming Remarks Mr. Kenji KOBAYASHI, President of APREC

Session 1: Understanding Energy In China – Geographies of Efficiency

S1-1 Understanding Energy in China Geographies of Efficiency Dr. Xu Qinhua, APERC
S1-2 Policies for energy efficiency: strategic priorities and challenges Dr. Nigel Alan Jollands, IEA
S1-3 Energy Utilization Efficiency in China Dr. Shi Dan, CASS, China
S1-4 World Energy Outlook Mr. Michael Chen, IEA
S1-5 Electrical Energy Efficiency of Buildings in China Mr. Wu Hainan, Beijing TELLHOW Intelligence Tech. Ltd., China

Session 2: APEC Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE)

S2-1 APEC Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE) Dr. Yi-Hsieh Huang, APERC
S2-2 The Energy Charter: Lessons from 10 Years of Energy Efficiency Reviews Mr. Gene E. McGlynn, Energy Charter Secretariat
S2-3 Session 2: APEC Peer Review on EE Energy Efficiency Policy in Chile Mr. Ivan Jaques, National Energy Commission, Chile
S2-4 Overview of Policy and Programme on EE&C in Indonesia Ms. Mulyaningati RAF Listyawardhani, MEMR, Indonesia
S2-5 Energy Efficiency Policies in Korea Dr. Seungchan Chang, KEMCO, Korea
S2-6 Malaysian Energy Efficiency Strategies and Programmes Ir. Francis Xavier Jacob, Energy Commission, Malaysia
S2-7 NZ Policies & Programmes on Energy Efficiency Improvement Mr. Robert W. Tromop, EECA, New Zealand
S2-8 Energy Efficiency in Peru Mr. Omar Duenas Cardenas, Ministry Energy and Mines, Peru
S2-9 Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Singapore Mr. Ananda Ram Bhaskar, NEA, Singapore
S2-10 Energy Conservation Policy and Implementation Status in Chinese Taipei Dr. Yie-Zu Robert Hu, ITRI, Chinese Taipei
S2-11 Compendium on Energy Efficiency Policies of South East Asia Dr. Weerawat Chantanakome, MOE, Thailand
S2-12 Overview of Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Mr. Brian T. Castelli, Alliance to Save Energy, USA
S2-13 Vietnam Energy Efficiency & Conservation Policy Mr. Dang Hai Dung, MOIT, Viet Nam

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Session 3: APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook

S3-1 APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook Dr. Ralph D. Samuelson, Vice President, APERC
S3-2 World Energy Outlook Mr. Amos G. Bromhead, IEA
S3-3 Choosing the Right Assumptions: The Perils of Projecting Long-Term Ms. Linda E. Doman, USDOE, USA
S3-4 Nuclear Energy for Sustainable Development in Asia Dr. Sueo Machi, NSRA, Japan
S3-5 Overview of Energy Development in China Ms. Liu Xiaoli, ERI, China
S3-6 ASEAN Energy Outlook 2030 Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, ACE
S3-7 Long Term Energy Demand and Supply Outlook: Chinese Taipei Prof. Ssu-li Chang, National Taipei University, Chinese Taipei
S3-8 Mexico’s Energy Outlook Ms. Veronica Irastorza, Ministry of Energy, Mexico
S3-9 Australia’s energy outlook: key drivers Ms. Mary Jane Melanie, ABARE, Australia

Session 4: APERC Projects for 2009 – 2010

S4-1 APERC’s Research for 2009/2010 Dr. Ralph D. Samuelson, Vice President, APERC