Cooperative Energy Efficiency Design for Sustainability (CEEDS)

The objective is to promote "high-perfomance" energy efficiency policies and measures in ecnomies in the APEC region, especially developing economies. Specifically, the project assists economies who wish to design and implement measures for achieving energy efficiency improvements in a specified sector.

The Cooperative Energy Efficiency Design for Sustainability (CEEDS) project builds on many of the information-sharing concepts that have made PREE successful. However, while PREE considers the whole range of energy efficiency policies and measures for one economy at a time, CEEDS considers policies and measures for several economies in one sector at a time.

Each phase of CEEDS has included two workshops drawing together experts in the sector and responsible officials from participating APEC economies, as well as research by APERC on potential energy savings in the sector. The responsible officials at the workshop take the lead, with invited speakers sharing their expertise. APERC researchers assist at the workshops by helping to organize and moderate the discussions, as well as reporting the outcomes.

Title Date of Report Completion File Size
Final Report CEEDS Phase 4 (Promotion of Energy Service Company: ESCO) January 2013 1.45MB
Final Report CEEDS Phase 3 (Energy Efficient Urban Passenger Transportation) April 2012 1,018.67KB
Final Report CEEDS Phase 2 (Building Codes and Labeling) May 2011 1.60MB
Final Report CEEDS Phase 1 (Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling) June 2010 1.42MB