Fossil Fuel Report

Since 2017 three separate studies focusing on coal, oil, and natural gas have been designed to support the Expert Group on Clean Fossil Energy (EGCFE) in broadening its perspective. The reports review supply, demand, trade, and price developments over the past ten years and projected developments over the next five years.

Title Uploaded Date File Size
APERC Gas Report 2021 February 2022 2.49MB
APERC Oil Report 2021 January 2022 891.50KB
APERC Coal Report 2021 January 2022 1.53MB
APERC Gas Report 2020 February 2021 3.50MB
APERC Coal Report 2020 October 2020 1.45MB
APERC Oil Report 2020 September 2020 1.32MB
APERC Gas Market Report 2019 July 2019 1.79MB
APERC Oil Report 2019 June 2019 786.22KB
APERC Coal Report 2018 June 2019 2.20MB
APERC Gas Report 2018 July 2018 1.88MB
APERC Oil Report 2018 June 2018 873.89KB
APERC Coal Report 2017 February 2018 2.34MB