Peer Review on Low Carbon Energy Policies (PRLCE)

The Peer Review on Low Carbon Energy Policies (PRLCE) project builds on many of the information-sharing concepts that have made PREE successful, but focuses on low carbon energy supply rather than energy efficiency. Each PRLCE Peer Review focuses on the low carbon energy supply policies of a single volunteer APEC member economy, referred to as the 'host economy'. The work is carried out by a Review Team of experts from other member economies and international institutions jointly selected by the host economy and APERC. The Review Team visits the economy and interviews a range of people knowledgeable on low carbon energy supply issues. These may include representatives of government ministries, research institutes, industry associations, energy companies, electricity and gas market regulators, consumer associations, local government, and other relevant stakeholders. A draft report is prepared by the Review Team and agreed to by the host economy. It is then circulated to APEC Energy Working Group (EWG) Members for discussion at the next EWG meeting. After EWG approval, the draft report is officially finalized.

Title Date of Review Team Visit Date of Report Completion File Size
Final Report PRLCE in Papua New Guinea August 2017 November 2017 2.07MB
Final Report PRLCE in Viet Nam January 2016 August 2016 4.89MB
Final Report PRLCE in Malaysia December 2013 May 2014 4.82MB
Final Report PRLCE in the Philippines November 2012 November 2013 2.49MB
Final Report PRLCE in Indonesia May 2013 November 2013 2.78MB
Final Report PRLCE in Thailand May 2012 November 2012 2.15MB