Invitation to Join the APERC Alumni Association

The APERC Alumni Association (AAA), comprised of former and current researchers, staff and board members of APERC, was established on October 1st, 2021, commemorating the 25th anniversary of APERC.

The purpose of AAA is to promote friendship between members, to build and maintain a network of members, and to enrich the research activities and raise the profile of APERC through the use of this network.

We intend to inform AAA members about the current activities of APERC by sending a quarterly bulletin “AAA Quarterly” and by organizing a General Assembly once a year around APERC Foundation Day (July 1st). We will also consider organizing “economy reunions” in connection with APERC activities overseas in the near future.

The Secretariat of AAA will accept applications for membership in AAA from alumni of APERC anytime. For further information or to obtain an application form, please contact

Secretariat of APERC Alumni Association (AAA)