Policies Supporting Entrepreneurial Innovation and Investment in Low- Carbon Energy
Dr. Edward Cazalet, The Cazalet Group
Low-Carbon Energy Supply Policies for China
Dr. Gao Shixian, ERI, China
Facilitating Geothermal Development Through Policy Implementation
Dr. Gordon Bloomquist, Consultant, WB
Lessons from the U.S. Low-Carbon Energy Supply Policy Experience and Their Impact on Proposed Legislation
Mr. Ted James, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
Effectiveness of Policies: Main Lessons Learnt and Recommendations for Successful Implementation in APEC Economies
Ms. Samantha Olz, IEA
Lessons Learned from APEC Economies that Support Low-Carbon Policies
Dr. Cary Bloyd, Chair, APEC EGNRET
Low Carbon Energy Supply Policies for APEC
Dr. Anbumozhi Venkatachalam ADB Institute
Renewable Energy Policies for Development and Deployment
Mr. Osamu Onodera, METI, Japan
Energy Pathway to Low-Carbon Society: Thailand and ASEAN
Dr. Twarath Sutabutr, DEDE, Thailand