Energy security and the impacts of energy shortages to the economy are crucial topics for the APEC region.

The coal production faces a lot of uncertainty in supply sources and quantity, including, reserve, developing cost, quality, transportation cost, transportation infrastructure capacity, etc. in the midst of strong requirement for stable and cheap supply of coal. The new development of coal mining has strong challenges in increase in cost, environmental regulations, lack in infrastructure, etc.
Therefore, in considering coal as one of the alternative, diversified and stable energy sources in future in APEC region from security perspective, a rigorous and deep analysis on factors such as supply potential, economic competitiveness and supply risks must be pursued.

Main purpose of the Workshop

  • Discuss the APEC region’s energy challenges particularly in coal
  • Analyse coal supply barriers and risks to the continued development of the coal industry and energy security in the APEC region
  • Additionally, the result of this workshop will be used for analysis for the upcoming “APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook 6th Edition” (Coal Supply Chapter).

We have uploaded the presentation slides of each expert who provided their permission.

The presentations of Ms. Elvira Torres Gelindon and Mr. Dmitry Sokolov, both APERC research staff were based on tentative opinions and ongoing research analysis. In order to avoid misunderstandings of our website viewers, these presentation slides will be omitted.