APERC President's Report
Mr.Takato OJIMI
1. APERC President's Report
Mr. Takato OJIMI
2. APEC Emergency Measures
Mr. Takato OJIMI
3. Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE)
Mr. Takato OJIMI
4. Peer Review on Low Carbon Energy Policies (PRLCE)
Mr. Takato OJIMI

APERC Workshop

1. 6th APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook
Ms. Cecilia TAM
2. Trial Energy Efficiency Policy Workshop
3. -APEC Oil and Gas Security Initiative- Introduction
Dr. Kazutomo IRIE
4. Oil and Gas Security Exercise Model Procedure
Mr. Chrisnawan ANDITYA
5. Oil and Gas Security Network Report (Newsletter and Forum)
Ms. Elvira Torres GELINDON
6. Oil Supply Emergency Preparedness in the APEC Region
Mr. Michael Ochoada SINOCRUZ
7. Melting of the Arctic Sea Ice: Significance for the APEC Economies' Energy Security
Dr. Hooman PEIMANI