Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Opening Session

Welcoming Remarks
Mr. Kenji KOBAYASHI, President of APREC

Session 1: Understanding Energy In China – Geographies of Efficiency

Understanding Energy in China Geographies of Efficiency
Dr. Xu Qinhua, APERC
Policies for energy efficiency: strategic priorities and challenges
Dr. Nigel Alan Jollands, IEA
Energy Utilization Efficiency in China
Dr. Shi Dan, CASS, China
World Energy Outlook
Mr. Michael Chen, IEA
Electrical Energy Efficiency of Buildings in China
Mr. Wu Hainan, Beijing TELLHOW Intelligence Tech. Ltd., China

Session 2: APEC Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE)

APEC Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE)
Dr. Yi-Hsieh Huang, APERC
The Energy Charter: Lessons from 10 Years of Energy Efficiency Reviews
Mr. Gene E. McGlynn, Energy Charter Secretariat
Session 2: APEC Peer Review on EE Energy Efficiency Policy in Chile
Mr. Ivan Jaques, National Energy Commission, Chile
Overview of Policy and Programme on EE&C in Indonesia
Ms. Mulyaningati RAF Listyawardhani, MEMR, Indonesia
Energy Efficiency Policies in Korea
Dr. Seungchan Chang, KEMCO, Korea
Malaysian Energy Efficiency Strategies and Programmes
Ir. Francis Xavier Jacob, Energy Commission, Malaysia
NZ Policies & Programmes on Energy Efficiency Improvement
Mr. Robert W. Tromop, EECA, New Zealand
Energy Efficiency in Peru
Mr. Omar Duenas Cardenas, Ministry Energy and Mines, Peru
Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Singapore
Mr. Ananda Ram Bhaskar, NEA, Singapore
Energy Conservation Policy and Implementation Status in Chinese Taipei
Dr. Yie-Zu Robert Hu, ITRI, Chinese Taipei
Compendium on Energy Efficiency Policies of South East Asia
Dr. Weerawat Chantanakome, MOE, Thailand
Overview of Energy Efficiency in the U.S.
Mr. Brian T. Castelli, Alliance to Save Energy, USA
Vietnam Energy Efficiency & Conservation Policy
Mr. Dang Hai Dung, MOIT, Viet Nam

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Session 3: APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook

APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook
Dr. Ralph D. Samuelson, Vice President, APERC
World Energy Outlook
Mr. Amos G. Bromhead, IEA
Choosing the Right Assumptions: The Perils of Projecting Long-Term
Ms. Linda E. Doman, USDOE, USA
Nuclear Energy for Sustainable Development in Asia
Dr. Sueo Machi, NSRA, Japan
Overview of Energy Development in China
Ms. Liu Xiaoli, ERI, China
ASEAN Energy Outlook 2030
Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, ACE
Long Term Energy Demand and Supply Outlook: Chinese Taipei
Prof. Ssu-li Chang, National Taipei University, Chinese Taipei
Mexico’s Energy Outlook
Ms. Veronica Irastorza, Ministry of Energy, Mexico
Australia’s energy outlook: key drivers
Ms. Mary Jane Melanie, ABARE, Australia

Session 4: APERC Projects for 2009 – 2010

APERC’s Research for 2009/2010
Dr. Ralph D. Samuelson, Vice President, APERC